Our Regular Childcare Services

Full Day and Half Day Childcare:  We provide full day care for  children aged six months to  school age, full day care is  available from 08.30  am until  6.30 pm Monday to Friday.  If you are a part time worker and need childcare  for mornings or afternoons only, our half day child care is available from 08.30 am until 1.30 pm and from  1.30 pm until 6.30 pm.   Day care can be  taken for  one to five days depending on your needs.

Morning and Afternoon Pre-school Playgroup:  There are two very successful playgroup sessions runs for pre-schoolers aged 2 years and 10 months up to  school age.  Morning sessions run from  09.30 am until 12.30 pm and afternoon sessions from 1.30  pm until 4.30 pm.  The playschool groups run to coincide with the school term times.

After School Club:  Children  can be picked up  from Enniscrone  National School at either  2.00 pm (infants) or at 3.00 pm  to be escorted back to the childcare centre for after school child care from 2.00 pm  until 6.30 pm.  This service is charged on  a per hour basis and parents can avail of  it  for  one through to five days.

Pre School Breakfast Club from  08.30 am Monday to Friday during school time.  Children may be dropped off at the centre from 08.30 am and at  9.00 am they will be escorted  on foot to Enniscrone National School.

Easter and Summer Holiday Camps:  A range of  Easter and Summer camps are offered during the school vacations for a variety of age ranges offering different creative activities.

Parents/Carers and Toddler session:  One morning a week there is a  parent /carers and toddlers group.  The time and date this will start  is to be advised


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